An accredited practicing dietitian/nutritionist based in Perth who specialises in evidence-based, personalised nutrition advice. We provide a wide range of services that cover all aspects of nutrition, diet and health issues. Our aim is to help you build a positive relationship with food with a focus on improved long term health and well-being. We are passionate about helping you achieve and maintain practical and realistic goals that lead to long term lifestyle changes. We believe that education is a key element in helping you achieving your goals. We assess your individual requirements and provide you with an understanding of where are you at and provide practical nutritional advice, dietary strategies, solutions and support to help you achieve your long term goals. This is tailored to your individual needs, food preferences and lifestyle


Food plays a major role in health and how we feel on a daily basis. We cannot sustain ourselves without eating, it is vital for life. Food gives us energy and allows us to get on with life. However, we no longer seem to be aware of the impact our food choices has on our health.  Our lives seem to get busier and more stressful causing us to favour convenience over health.  It is important to develop a healthy relationship with food and use food as medicine to help prevent and reduce the risk of chronic diseases. The food we eat should to be nourishing, delicious and healthy.


Good nutrition is the foundation for good health. It is about getting sufficient energy and nutrients needed to maintain good health.  Our food choices, busy and stressful lifestyles and increased environmental and chemical pollutants are affecting our health.  All of which could increase the risk of deficiencies in vitamins and minerals. Many of us believe that living with common symptoms such as low energy, allergies, headaches and insomnia is ‘normal’.


Health is not just about the absence of disease but about physical, mental and social wellbeing. It is about having a life full of energy, vitality and good health!

At edible health, we believe that healthy eating is not about dietary limitations,  depriving yourself of foods you love and unrealistic expectations. It is about feeling good, having more energy, having a positive relationship with food, being excited about nourishing, healthy, delicious food and most importantly good health and wellbeing.

We will provide you with simple methods to help you to identify which foods work for you and which foods do not, and assist you in creating eating plans that work for your lifestyle and commitments - with exciting recipes and most importantly the motivation to make a lifelong health change

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